little-black-dressHave you ever wanted to get into a little black dress?  Well I have!  I have envied women who felt confident enough to slip into a little black dress and throw on a pair of pumps and just be comfortable!  Well that has never been me.  I wish I was that confident.  I am going to get into the little black dress with the pearl through the vegan diet!  I am starting now!   Actually I started a few days ago.  I weigh 236 and my goal is to wear this size 10, yes size 10 little black dress and maybe have bare legs and go dancing!  Ha, I don’t even know how to dance.  I am 56  (I think)  I can never remember, and I want to make this dream come true.  I know the vegan diet can help me do it because a few years ago I got really really sick and went on a very low calorie vegan diet and I lost 80 pounds!  Not only did I lose weight easily and quickly, I felt great!  So many people told me I looked 20 years younger.  I just want to feel good in my skin!   Thank you for any support and please follow my progress and write to me!  I believe it is never too late for anyone and I also believe in a non animal product diet!