imageWell I have been totally Vegan for about 3 days now!  I mean on my new plan of losing weight enough to get into the little black dress!  So that plan includes way way less oil.  Especially olive oil!  I love olive oil.  I have been cooking with a cast iron skillet and I am committed to using a pastry brush.  If I take about a total of 1 teaspoon of oil and brush the bottom of the skillet, I find that I can get tofu to turn out like it was fried or sautéed!  The cast iron skillet gets really hot and acts like a grill almost.  Also with salads I find that black beans and avocados mixed with lemon make a great dressing!  I am optimistic about finding things that can replace tons of olive oil!  Any ideas??  Please share with me.  Another trick I learned from a great macrobiotic chef is to take cilantro and onions and chives and a little water and blend it in a food chopper or blender.  This makes a great sauce or dressing that is full of flavor and oil free!!