BOAZ Mediterranean Cafe

Healthy, Fresh Mediterranean Eats
2549 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(across from the famous Westside Market)
Prices – $$ – Builda Bowl or Pita is $6; fresh juices are $2 (!!)

This brand new restaurant in Ohio City, on Cleveland’s near West Side is an excellent addition to the vegan dining options available to Cleveland vegans. While Mediterranean cuisine abounds in Cleveland, the menus are often heavy with meat — lamb, beef, chicken, possibly fish — and sometimes even non-meat dishes contain dairy or butter.

While BOAZ has the traditional meat dishes on its menu, they also offer an extensive array of plant-based dishes kept separate from the meat preparation and their buffet style Build Your Own Pita or Bowl, gives the diner an opportunity to try most of the vegan offerings:

Lentils & rice or salad greens, topped with hummus or baba (babaganoush, which is roasted, pureed eggplant), then quinoa, salata (the delicious traditional Lebanese mixture of diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, peppers, onions, mint, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper), cabbage salad, fresh bean mix, shredded carrots and on and on. You get the picture, I am sure. This bowl is absolutely to-die-for, filling and every mouthful a circus of flavor.

Of course, the entrees include falafel, tabouli, spiced cauliflour, grape leaves,
Try a little of the hot sauce. It may not seem hot to all, but the flavor itself is unique and delicious.

To top if off, BOAZ offers excellent vegan finger sweets, fresh-pressed, unstrained juices as well as many kinds of smoothies.

You cannot leave BOAZ hungry or poor. Their plan is to keep thep prices low and the food quality high.

If you are in Cleveland or live there, be sure to see the Westside Market and then walk west arcoss the street and down a block. On the next corner is BOAZ.