The other day I was thinking about how it is not a struggle for me to not eat flesh anymore.  I think what happens is that if we go without meat and other flesh for long enough it seems totally weird to eat dead animals.  I was watching Anthony Bourdain and he was with some people cooking a wild boar in Japan and he was going on and on about how the dripping fat was what he lived for.  I think I am on my way to being like a person who has never even tasted dead flesh because I find it so WEIRD and sick to brag and boast about a dead animal part dripping fat and how much fun it was to kill it!  For years I ate chicken and fish and had red meat only when I came to Cleveland and had kibbe.  During those days I could watch his show and it did not seem so weird to me.  Now, I find it bizarre and macabre!  I think I am going through a real metamorphosis!  I wonder if all meat eaters had their meat taken away, would they then find it horrible to bite into a bloody burger???  Just a thought.