I love to think about all the reasons people should try being Vegan.  Here are just a few of the reasons.  I know there are at least 100 more!  I can not think of any reason to be a meat-eater!  Try some of the restaurants on this site, or in your neighborhood.  Please try some of the recipes on this site too!  Or go to www.vegancookingonline.com. I have some great videos there and it is FREE!  Luv to you all, Mair.
1. Veganism helps fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
2 Veganism is a lifestyle that encourages people to adopt more sustainable habits for their health, future generations, and the planet.
3 Veganism reduces the use of water, and other precious resources and improves soil quality.
4 Veganism can help save animals from abuse and exploitation.
5 Veganism is good for the poor, as it can help alleviate poverty by providing people with affordable food options.
6 Veganism empowers you to make conscious choices about your shopping habits and lifestyle choices.
7 Veganism encourages people to take a stand against animal cruelty.
8 Veganism is an excellent way to prevent deforestation and desertification.
9 Veganism reduces the number of animals killed every year for food by roughly 90%.
10 Veganism teaches us to be more mindful about the food we eat and where it comes from.
11 Veganism helps preserve our planet and its resources for future generations.
12 Veganism is a more compassionate, healthful choice for you and your family.
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