I have been traveling a lot lately. I have some very nice friends who invited me to stay in their homes nearly every place I visited. They are so nice that they always want to prepare Vegan food for me or at least have it available when I arrive. This has been making me think a lot about Vegan cooking. One thing I think a lot about is why the average cook in an American home whether male or female does not EVER cook dishes for themselves or their family that ARE Vegan. Why is it so special? Why doesn’t everyone have some sort of Vegan food in his or her home? Isn’t there something that Carvilian (my word for Civillian Meat eaters} have around or cook that does not have dead animals or their secretions in it? My wish for  cooks  Vegan or not is that they would be able or really want to cook something that does not have a dead animal in it. Another reason i wish this was the case is because I hate having people go to the trouble to get something so special for me!  I feel honored enough to be a guest.  Let’s go a step further–what about restaurants and or hotels. Why isn’t their something that we as a society eat that does not have dead things in it? Why do we even have to say Vegan? Other cultures have dishes that are vegan, hummus, tabouli, grape leaves in the Middle East, pinto beans in  Mexico , pasta  in Italy.  If you went to visit friends in Italy and they knew you were vegan they would just simply say “fix Mary the pasta with marina sauce” In Lebanon “Mary is only having tabouli and pita and humus. ……etc……..Why don’t we have this in the United States? Is this why we are the fattest country in the World???